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On The Menu

Readymade Cocktails

Wherein we get profiled in the sadly, currently comatose, Readymade Magazine.

A few months back Readymade Magazine contacted us and asked if we wanted to contribute to a feature they were doing on hosting parties. They were interested in how we host cocktail parties and particularly in the spirits tasting parties that we do every so often.

Our spirits tasting parties consist of getting a group of people over where we pick a spirit and run through tasting a good variety of brands and variations. This usually involves a good bit of history about the spirit along the way and ends with a number of cocktails made with the chosen spirit. The best possible outcome for these events is helping someone with that bad experience with gin or tequila in college. When someone has a good product and tastes it in a well mixed cocktail they usually realize they were really just afraid of badly made spirits.

Erin Kunkel was our photographer for the night and she did a lovely job. She has posted a few of the photos on her blog.

It just so happened in this case though that Readymade’s deadlines coincided with repeal day, so this particular event ended up being a group of prohibition era cocktails (and some not prohibition cocktails), and some discussion of the effect of prohibition on mixology.

Perhaps this sounds a little geeky, but people get so excited to finally learn what they have been drinking and realize that they can open up a whole new world of drinks that they were not so into before.

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