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On The Menu

Spice Route Cocktail Menu at Dosa

A delicious new Indian themed cocktail menu.

I briefly mentioned it in the elsewhere links in the sidebar a while back but Dosa, the southern Indian restaurant in San Francisco has just opened a new place and with it comes a fascinating new cocktail menu. When Camper English over at Alcademics posted the menu, that really got me excited about checking this place out. Jonny Raglin, the bar manager from Absinthe, has created a menu that is very unique and full of crazy spices, herbs and gastriques that don’t normally find their way into cocktails.

We got to try 9 of the 10 cocktails on the menu (they were out of something in the Mood Indigo) and all of them were at the very least conversation worthy and tastebud provoking. Several were total standouts, like the Juhu Palm, the Batsman and the Smoked Cup. The Juhu Palm was the crowd favorite with a blend of Gin, coconut milk, lime juice, Kaffir lime leaf, bird’s eye chili tincture and a spanked curry leaf. The Batsman contains Gin, Darjeeling tea cordial, lemon juice & ginger beer with a sprig of mint. The Smoked Cup was incredibly flavorful with Mezcal, Pimms, black cardamom tincture, ginger beer, cucumber and smoked sea salt.

In addition to being great drinks, they also pair fantastically with the food, one of the drinks, the Laughing Lassi, contains Genever, yogurt, cucumber, grains of paradise, agave nectar and Angostura bitters. The yogurt and cucumber are a great counterpoint to the spicy ingredients in the food.

If you are in the bay area, take the time to check out Dosa. For anyone with even a passing interest in good cocktails, the bar menu here is inventive and exciting, and tasting through the menu is as entertaining as it is delicious.

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