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Digestifs Revisited

The exciting conclusion of last months post!

I totally forgot to post how the digestifs turned out after Thanksgiving. Turns out they were delicious as well as effective. In fact after a full thanksgiving meal we were all stuffed and had a round of the meyer lemon, and most of us could happily eat again, our friend Robin was even able to go back for thirds I think.

As you can see the Meyer Lemon was a hit, as was the Mandarin. The Mandarin was very good but it turned out to be a pretty familiar taste, as we have all had orange flavored liqueur before. The Meyer Lemon was fantastic, everything you want out of a “cello” like this, but I think it was especially popular because it was such a novelty of a flavor. The basil was more interesting than good, though that was because it was the first batch I made and it turned out the recipe called for a little too much sugar to my taste and it ended up being too sweet for everyone. I plan on trying it again using less sugar.

Today is the last day you could likely start it if you wanted to get some done for Christmas as they are supposed to macerate for 6 days. The Meyer Lemon recipe calls for 12 days but frankly it works very well after 6 as well.

As for the change in recipe, I just reduced the amount of simple syrup from 1.5 cups to 1 cup in the meyer lemon and mandarin and in the case of the basil, (since it doesn’t have such a citrusy tang to it) I would reduce it to .75 cups of simple syrup.

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