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    World’s Best Hawthorne Strainer

    A simple and bulletproof cocktail strainer for the price of a beer.

    Oxo Steel Strainer

    I have spent a lot of time and money over the last couple of years searching for the most fundamental tools like shakers and strainers, but I finally ended my strainer search with the Oxo Steel Cocktail Strainer. It’s not actually all that specialized, but the little things really make it excel, like the finger grip on the back that allows you to keep the strainer firmly inserted in the shaker. The lack of handle also makes it very compact and easy to store, clean and quickly manipulate on the bar. It’s raised lip allows much faster pouring speed and it is extremely well engineered to last quite a long time. Perhaps best of all, like many great bar tools, it is incredibly cheap at around $6. So do yourself a favor and pick one up today.

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